Do you like travelling? Well, we actually love it! Still not knowing if it's admiring beautiful landscapes given by generous mother nature or tramping around city streets that gives us biggest pleasure. But we're sure there's reason that always pushes us towards new places. And it's definitely desire to discover, and then  watch, and watch... and see some more... :)

Speaking of watching, we would love you to take a look at that photoshoot, or rather a collection of memories which were captured at an awesome place with some awesome people.

Wedding Photoshoot at Baltic Sea | German Island Rugen

We believe that everyone who visited Amber Palace will agree with us that it couldn't be more perfect place for a wedding. Palace delights with old spacious interiors, which make you feel it's spirit. Huge gardens surrounding the place give you space where you instantly forget about your daily routine and feel like it's hundreds years before.

So, when we heard that I&A were going to marry in that amazing place, we were really happy. Of course, their wedding had to take place outdoors in the palace gardens, near old pond. Everything was coordinated by White Events Event Planner.

It was a hot and long day, full of emotions and surprises. Just take a look at the gallery below.

Palace Wedding | Kent Photographer | Canterbury

Marta & Faruk

Beautiful Outdoor Wedding

Light, air, wind, temperature, noise, leafs, water, sand, tenderness, whisper, gentleness, spontaneity...

A lot of things collected in our memories from that day. We have to admit, there was a unique, magic mood in the air during that photoshoot, and that's why we likely take our memories back to that day. We love each and every frame from that session and we sign them with four hands ;)

Another thing we remembered is that it was probably the hottest day in the year, so we get warmer even from watching those pics :)

Wedding Portraits at Baltic Sea - Wedding photographers

What We won't hide is that We just love unusual weddings. When We first met Joanna and Andrzej, We instantly knew that their wedding is going to be extraordinary. And being said that Bride will wear red dress... well, we couldn't wait for their big day.

And when it comes to that particular day, in a nutshell... it's impossible :) It's impossible to describe in few words that vastness of positive feelings Joanna and Andrzej spread all around, and seemed like everyone catched. And it's hard to wonder, because that day started like a real family reunion and remained like that till the end.

First dance, however We can describe with just one word, and We bet it's going to feel it's nature: ENCHANTMENT.

Outdoor Wedding - Kent Wedding photographers

Is there better place to feel free and party until dawn than your own home? We knew that we are on the same wavelength since the day we met with Basia and Marcin, and their lovely two year old

Wojtek. So We cheered them to make their plan happen.

Basia and Marcin approached preparation with a big dose of self-reliance - It's DIY eventually :) Personally took care about setting up tents, tables or hand-made parquet, and even brewing own beer.

Coordination was up to irreplaceable Wojtek, who was very, very active (from preparation till the start of actual party) :)
Later went sleep, and thus letting Basia and Marcin feel at home :)

It was exactly as We expected - charming, family, full of laughter and delicious food. It couldn't be any different and we simply can't imagine that this reception could take place elsewhere.

Cool DIY Wedding - Kent Photographer

K&R Wedding Day and portraits - take a look at that amazing day full of positive emotions :)

K&R Wedding Day and portraits