About Us

kate and tommy canterbury


We are Kate and Tommy and we’re wedding photography duo based in Kent, UK. We enjoy salsa evenings and we love watching the sunsets and American TV series. Sinking into the sound of nature gives us just as much pleasure as 70’s groovy bass lines.

Kate loves the simplicity of life. Falling snow pettles, the sunshine or the green leaves appearing in the spring are enough to keep her spirit running and her face smiling. She is a fan of healthy cooking, but, she would never say ‘no’ to her favourite guilty pleasure – chips. This is, surprisingly enough, the only type of food she cannot imagine her life without.

Tomek is wild at heart. He gives life a meaning through the motion of his fingers strumming the bass guitar. To the desert island he would take: Kate, bass, cameras, bicycle, some good CD’s, and he would build there a small restaurant for Kate, because he likes doing small things to make her happy.

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